- Make sure you connect to the Polygon Network on Metamask *

- Have enough MATIC in your wallet to mint **

* To add Polygon Network to your Metamask:

- visit Polygonscan.com
- click on the bottom right of the page.
- or follow these instructions to add manually.
** How to get MATIC into your Metamask wallet:

Every Bitfoot lives on the Polygon Mainnet Network, meaning no more high gas fees for the initial mint, and no fees on Opensea secondary market.

For this project, we wanted to allow new NFT enthusiasts the opportunity to enter the market without the need to pay huge gas fees. To do this we have brought our artwork from the ETH mainnet over to Polygon!

By doing this we hope to build a strong community of new NFT fans where we can all learn and grow together in this market, and spend our money on more NFTs, not gas fees.

If you live in the US:
- You can bridge MATIC bought on an exchange like Coinbase to the Polygon Network using this link.
- Or you can bridge ETH to the Polygon Network but then you must swap them to MATIC after.

If you live outside the US:
- It's even easier! You can purchase MATIC on ​Binance and withdraw directly to your Polygon Mainnet Metamask wallet! When withdrawing, select Polygon.

If you have any questions please reach out on our Discord and we will help get you set up for success!